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  • Malaysian On Right Track To Impove Public Transportation System, Says Analyst
  • Malaysian On Right Track To Impove Public Transportation System, Says Analyst
    Oct 03, 2013
    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has taken the right steps to improve the efficiency of public transport system, is on track to see the results soon, said Frost and Sullivan Global Vice President, Transportation and Logistics Practice, Gopal R.
    The analyst said the country's public transport system lacked integration and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has taken steps to address it such as the introduction of feeder buses and taxis for the mass rapid transit (MRT) project.
    "If you have feeder buses or a taxi system connecting different parts from different stations and so on, then the reach of the public transport system will be better.
    "That is what SPAD is working towards and it is very good," he told a popular English daily on the sidelines of the Rail Systems Asia 2013 summit here on the 2nd of October.
    Gopal was one of the speakers at the summit.
    He said the impressive pace of MRT work and extended reach through feeder buses and taxis will help Malaysia achieve its vision of being a developed country by 2020.
    Nevertheless, he said, there was still a big gap between supply and demand of public transport in this country as compared to neighbour, Singapore, or other Asian countries such as Hong Kong.
    "Supply is not as good as demand in terms of public transportation facilities. But I think it is developing faster over the last few years.
    "I think in the next two to three years, the growth in the public transport efficiency and infrastructure will come closer to the demand," he said.
    The three-day summit, beginning on the 2nd of October, attracted over 70 local and foreign participants, including railway contractors and operators to discuss the development of railway system in Asia.